Friday, December 3, 2010

So how awesome is Maddy?

Ok. I need to chronicle how awesome Maddy is... Presenting the (not) comprehensive list of Maddy awesomeness!

1) Her giggle. It's adorable and natural and she is (almost) always quick to giggle! Peek-a-boo? HILARIOUS! Tonight I was whispering "ah-choo" in her ear and she was waiting in anticipation as I moved closer... then GIGGLE! But really, I am so happy that she is such a happy girl.

2) Her voice. Madds has the sweetest little babbling voice. Yesterday she was trying to say "ba ba" but instead she's say ba ba... bah. Then she'd frown and try once more, and once more say it three times. I just sat there, on the ground, staring at her and enjoying every frown of concentration and noise.

3) Her rolls. Her ROLLS! They are scrumptious... I could just nibble that kid for hours. And then when I hit a few rolls around her belly or armpits? See #1! Tonight Neil was pouring her bath and Madds and I were sitting on the bath mat. Madds was in her diaper only and I was awed by her adorableness. So disproportionate (compared to adults) and so perfect. So perfectly perfect. 

4) Her inquisitive nature. New things are awesome, everything was put here for her to explore. And move. And taste. And touch. And lift then drop. Including the toy shelves and everything in her room and baba's tea and the pen container... and as she seems to be growing a few more centimeters DAILY we're on constant alert. But to watch her experiment with the sounds something makes, and how it's different from what this other object makes... it's glorious.

5) Her annoying is even cute. The only person who can grind their teeth and make it fun. Madds is learning where her upper and lower teeth are and the noise is kind of nails on a chalkboard, as adorable as that can be.

6) Well, an hour after her bedtime and she's still "singing" in her crib. Time to go in and try to convince her a well rested Maddy is even MORE awesome than a tired Maddy. But a tired Maddy? Yup, still awesome.

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