Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Update from sleepy-land

First. So so so so so tired. Sleepy. Which has resulted in less blogging and more staring into space (once chores are done) summoning the strength of will to get my ass OFF the couch and INTO bed. Of course, despite my tiredness I have not been sleeping well. Last night one of the many times I woke was to Neil's nose whistling a soft "woot" each time he exhaled. Which made me laugh (and wish I had a recording device) and had me up for a bit. Then I thought of something for work (which I remembered in the morning) and something to do around the house (which I forgot). As a child no one TOLD me that you have to close your eyes to sleep, so I would lie there waiting for sleep to come. It's like that now. Except my eyes are closed.

Second, Maddy is AWESOME. Seriously. She's so much fun, so sweet, so ready to giggle, so impish and adorable. I am biased, but I am loving every second of her. Tonight I was in the bath and I could hear her softly babbling to herself "doo doo doodoo" and then giggle. Potty humour FTW! It was 9pm and she should have been sleeping but my heart filled with joy to hear her sweet sounds. She's still into EVERYTHING and standing up at every opportunity. She loves the bath and will respond if she hears it running. She's just so interactive with her world! I know I am missing out on so much, I know there could be so much more that I could update about her if I was home, but I am not. And that is ok too. Only some (aka lots) of guilt.

Third. I am now apparently able to only think in tweets. My life is filled with a constant tweeting-commentary of what has to be done and what is around me. Of course, I never tweet. That would make too much sense. I blame the tired. And these tweets? I am constantly juggling them. Today I updated my boss on things I am doing. I looked around the piles on my desk and updated her where each project was. Including an update on the stack of Christmas cards I had sitting in the corner, ready to work on over lunch. I stopped and apologizing for the verbal diarrhea. She understood and laughed but wow... I need to get better organized and sorted out.

Fourth, work goes well. I am thinking again, which is kinda nice. It's not a passion (but what in government is?) but I still like the Ministry and my co-workers and the role I have.

Last, I could not come even a little bit close to doing this without my awesome mom and husband. Especially mom, and her giving up so much to take on a demanding and tiring full time job. I know mom loves Maddy so so so much and loves spending the time with her but I also know how hard it is to care for Maddy full time (and still get everything else done). My mother is amazing and wonderful and the best mom and baba ever. I want everyone to know how amazing she is and that I appreciate her and know how lucky I am. I also couldn't do this without Neil and how he's stepped up and is so involved with the house and Maddy. I am so lucky to have a husband like him. Plus? He's cute too - that doesn't hurt *grin* I can't imagine doing this alone or with an uninvolved dada. Oh, and wine. Wine is also very important.

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