Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A-fishin' we will go!

Madds is into everything. We have, for the most part, put everything above her reach, in locked cabinets or behind closed doors. And while Neil was diligent about closing the bathroom door I was less so. I liked the sun coming through (it is our only east facing window) and keeps the main floor feeling more open (to me).

One day, a week or so ago, the three of us were relaxing in the living room. Maddy wandered off to get into something and I listened for her tell-tale sounds. Boing-boing? In her room, playing with the door stopper. Bang-Bang? Hitting the mirror in the hall, playing with the baby in the wall. Thunk? Taking her shoes off the shelf and throwing them to the ground. But I heard.... nothing. Wait... was that a splash? I went to find the mess she was getting into. And I found my baby-girl. In the bathroom. With the toilet seat up, standing at the bowl. Playing in the water. What was she playing with? Here's where it gets even worse... she was flicking my used kleenexes, discarded in the toilet when I was too lazy to open the lid on the garbage.

I feel assured that Madds only flicked the kleenex, nothing more, since she was out of our sight for only seconds. But, Madds, please forgive me for not shutting the bathroom door. Rest assured, when the kiddo is awake, the door is always closed. Always!

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