Thursday, November 25, 2010

So much fun!

Every day Maddy becomes more and more fun!

The other day she was playing peek-a-boo with us, using the door. She'd sit behind the door and close it a bit. Then she'd crawl to the opening and we'd scream PEEK-A-BOO! and then she'd laugh. And then she'd close the door a bit more and crawl around it and we'd scream peek-a-boo... and laugh and laugh and laugh!

Yesterday in the bath Maddy was holding the sponge in her hand and would hit it against the side of the tub. When it dried, she'd dip it in the water again and listen to the sounds. Then she compared the sound that her hand made hitting the tub to the sponge and alternated the hitting. She EXPERIMENTED! She's exploring and learning her world.

Tonight dada was bathing her, and he was holding the ball under the water and letting it go. It would fly up out of the water and dada would scream peek-a-boo (a favorite in our household) and Maddy would laugh and laugh and laugh.

Everything is so much fun for her! When she notices the bathroom door open, she makes a beeline for the forbidden room. But she's not very sneaky about it, she makes an insistent "mmhmmm mmhhhmmmm" and the thunk thunk of her hands and knees moving on overdrive. Same for the dishwasher, another forbidden fun. It's adorable! Her little butt wiggles at lightening speed and she makes her way there.

And the faces she's making, as she gets to know her new teeth. Sucking her mouth into an exaggerated fishy mouth, moving her bottom lip as close to her nose as she could get and every variant in between. It's all... fun and adorable! Adorable and fun! It's all just so wonderful, to spend time with my most amazing little girl.

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