Sunday, November 21, 2010

Living for the weekend

It has been so wonderful to be with Maddy all day, again. Yesterday we went and visited a brand new baby boy. It got the ole uterus twitching and itching. But in the sober light of a 7am Sunday morning, the baby-making machine is once again closed for business (for now). Then there was dinner with friends, their families, and my parents at the parent's house. It was wonderful to see Caleb and Kiran (and their moms). I miss the playdates so much. Seeing another child, learning from friends, and just getting the reassurance that things are ok and Madds is progressing as she should. And today we did a few errands out and around the house. We went for lunch to a new Vietnamese place, Mini-Mango, which was really good! Madds had her first Pho. And? She LOVED it. I mean squealing, wiggle-butt dancing, and waving for joy with every mouthful. When I was preggo I ate a LOT of pho, so that may be it.

Maddy is crazy amounts of fun. She's babbling almost constantly now! And the noises are so fun. She's starting to try to mimic faces and sounds. Of course, she only mimics the most obnoxious noises that she hears... but that's her way. Today we went and grabbed the weekly groceries. Madds was in the seat of the cart and was obviously tired. She'd lean in some sort of fierce pimp-lean and look blankly forward. Until we bundled her up and went outside. Madds had her head back as the small snow flakes landed on her face. And the snow was hilarious! Her mouth was open in pure joy and she was giggling. There is something wonderful about seeing your child happy - it's a joy that goes to your very core. Neil and I were smiling and laughing with Madds. Even strangers walking by smiled at her innocent glee.

Madds has 4 teeth now! Her bottom 2 are all the way out, her top 2 are almost there. Well, we see the footprint of one and the corner of the other. The top teeth are larger than the bottom ones, and there may be a gap between the teeth. We won't know for sure until they are finished migrating but it's looking quite British from this angle.

I have to admit, Saturday morning it was hard to switch gears and remember what to take and plan to have an outing with the Nunu. In some ways, it felt almost foreign to have her with me again. But it only took a short time before I remembered it all and felt like a pro once more. And now we're preparing for bed, another Monday will be here too soon. Then just 5 days until I get my girl full time again! We're now just living for the weekend.

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