Thursday, November 18, 2010

It still goes

Life? It still goes on. Even when I feel like I am not getting everything done. Like I am more tired than I have been since Maddy was born. Like I should be doing so much but have no energy. Like this is maybe going to be normal.

This weather is pretty horrible for getting home. But yesterday I left my office at 433pm and got home at 523pm. Today I left the office at 428pm and made it home by 502pm. Five minutes saved me twenty... But don't worry - I worked through my breaks and part of my lunch. I am not really screwing over tax payers. I will be working slightly modified hours, an extra 20 minutes a day and I'll get one day off a month in lieu. Which is perfect for a mom with a girl who needs her.

I am liking the new job. It's a positive work environment (so far) and while interesting the work isn't so far outside my comfort zone that I will be coming home exhausted. Although there is little of interest to report. I am trying to eat better and lose more weight and mostly successful except for the buy one, get one free holiday latte deal at Starbucks. And a group of coworkers who needed one more person to even it out. But eggnog latte? Yum! The renewed motivation to lose it to fit work clothes. I feel like I am pregnant again, in that I have about 6 outfits to wear. Although there are comfy (fitting) jeans for casual Friday tomorrow.

This semblance of normal is only possible because of my mom. She comes here in the morning, she cares for Maddy perfectly, she stays until we get here, she accepts all my calls to hear how Maddy is doing, she helps around the house (taking out meat, washing dishes, tidying after Maddy). She is perfect! And I am the luckiest woman alive to have her as a mom and Maddy's grandmother.

And Maddy is doing so well. She's happy and growing and standing and into everything and babbling and squealing. Tonight she said her first sentence! And a multi-lingual one at that. "Dada nein nein Baba". My dad is not my baba! Profound.

Well... dishes to do, bedding to change, dogs nails to trim, lunches to make... Life of a working mom to live.

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