Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Snow day!

Well, not really. It's not snowing (but it is bitterly cold) and I am not at home because of the weather but because of baba's doctors appointment. But still, I am home with my girl today! There are loads and loads of things to do. Stuff around the house, cleaning and Christmas cards. Then after her appointment, baba is coming over so I can head out to the malls and shop. Not for me, of course, but to finish (as much as I can) the Christmas shopping. And then home, to make dinner. And back to the working world tomorrow! But between all the stuff, I am going to sing and play and tickle and talk to my most amazing little girl. In celebration, here are a few recent pics of Maddy. I have been negligent in my picture posting of late.

 TEETH! The tops ones are coming in well, too.

 See the slober? Teething!

Maddy in front of the patio door. But what is that on the glass?  

THAT is what is on the glass! 

Our girl

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