Thursday, November 12, 2009

We have reached a few milestones!

First, another bump pic!

Reminder to self, next time you take a picture? BRUSH YOUR HAIR! But bigger still and so much growing left to do.

The second milestone is that the nursery renos are done! Neil has been amazing the last few days finishing it all up and it looks awesome. The change table has been around for a few weeks. The glider came last night and the crib came tonight. And I have the pleasure of putting it all together! One of my secret (sick) loves? Putting furniture together. There are times I'll go to IKEA just to buy something to assemble. I wish I were joking.

We got the glider and crib through and I have to say, shipping was free and FAST and the products are really great. Despite the fact that there are three brands in the room, the colour of the wood and the styles are really quite similar. One last purchase, a dresser to put all her stuff in and we're done. And there is one at IKEA I have been looking at. More assembling!

As you can see, the room is small. We have a glider, then the change table then the dresser will be near the change table. Across is the crib. Mattress is coming on Nov 28th. My mom is making the crib bedding and also (once I talk her into it) the curtains. The colour doesn't come out well. It's blue-green, not grey as the pictures suggest. We need a bit of art/wall decoration. And I want to put in a closet organizer, to maximize the minimal space. But I think it looks gorgeous and I am so excited to see the room that our little girl will be sleeping in come together.

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