Saturday, November 7, 2009

Week 28

Week 28... 12 weeks to go. Week 30 is on the horizon. AND WE AREN'T READY YET! Which is ok, we will be. I see the light at the end of the tunnel! *grin*

We are on the last week of the eggplant (a new fruit next week). Sprout's little eyes can now respond to light and dark and she's blinking. She's quite active, I can feel her moving or shuffling. But she's not a huge kicker, very few times have I jumped in shock. But from the ultrasounds, it looks like there is a lot of room in there and she likes to curl up in a ball. Once the tech commented I must have felt that large kick - and nope. Sprout is also getting chubbier and chubbier! Now we're in the fattening stage - just letting her fully develop in the safety of inside me.

Me? I think I am starting to swell. My fingers are puffier and my shoes are smaller. But the good thing is that my wedding rings now almost fit (I sized them too large, accidentally). And I am more tired again. Thursday night I completely crashed. I was useless. But Neil was the sweetest man ever, and made dinner, cleaned up, checked on me in the bath and brought me water and oranges THEN he had the bed turned down, waiting for me to get into it. I was in bed by 930 and slept the night away. I still woke up tired... but after another marathon sleep last night (11 hours with minimal waking) I feel somewhat human today. Thankfully! Because we're having friends over this afternoon. Considering I am so tired now and I am still sleeping somewhat well... I can't even imagine the sleep deprivation coming in 12 weeks. Not getting long stretches of sleep, having a human completely reliant on me for everything, always... This is why, I think, it's important to sleep as much as I can now. Plus, I will not be afraid to ask for help from my parents and Neil. I have to desire to wear myself out trying to be everything.

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