Sunday, November 1, 2009

week 27

Yesterday we reached week 27! 13 weeks to go... or so. Wow. Only 13 weeks.

Yesterday my mom and I bought a bunch of material for the receiving blankets she's sewing for me and the quilts she's making. I LOVE main pattern we chose, it's a subtle teal with cherries and cream leaves. Quite vintage and subdued. Of course my mom thinks it's not right for a baby, and prefers and something more colourful. But both Neil and I love it. And we got LOADS of fleece for receiving blankets too. And today we worked on the nursery more. Neil wants to re-cut 2 baseboards and then install the door casings on the outside of the door. Then we have to wood fill the remaining holes, sand the already wood-filled baseboards and casing, paint it up, and then dap it all! And THEN we're done! Done the renos... then comes the crib and mattress purchase, chair and ottoman, dresser/organizer for the closet. THEN we can put in the rug and start hanging things on the wall (which we need to buy) and wash all the clothes and put everything away... Then we can figure out what more we need. OK, I need a nap just thinking about all that!

Sprout may also have a name. I had a dream, earlier this week, where I was talking about Sprout, telling a story about her when she was 5 or 6 years old. I was saying "And then ____ went to play with..." (or something along those lines) and in my dream I stopped and said "Wow, so that's her name!". And since then, in my head she's just had that name. I want to meet her, before we make the final decision. But Neil is OK with the name. Although he's asked for carte blanche naming of the second child, if we have one. I dunno about that... *grin*

Sprout is about 2 lbs and 14.5 inches. And dancing around in my belly! She is still head up but (hopefully) soon will make the switch to the birthing position. Her little lungs are now capable of breathing on her own. Well, with a lot of intensive help from the doctors. But she could do it if she had to. I just hope she continues to stay inside and get larger and larger.

I am also doing well. More hormonal, for sure. More tired, it's harder to move. The only symptom I am not having that I SO wish I would is the "baby furnace". I am still always cold. In fact, right now I am thinking of crawling into bed to warm up. Although if I do, then I'd sleep, then I'd be up in the night... Well, after this "riveting" glimpse into my slowed thought process I should sign off and get something done. This has NOT been an example of great writing. I'll do better next time (as long as I am awake then).

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