Sunday, November 29, 2009

And the time continues to march on - we're on 31 weeks now. 9 weeks (plus or minus) to go. Another doctor appointment this week, another thankfully uneventful visit. I continue to do well, Sprout is growing and doing well and I am getting so good at peeing in a cup. That may have been TMI... I was measuring at 32cm when I was 30 weeks and 6 days. So still just a little large, but steadily growing.

Sprout now has a doctor for after she's born! Dr Loiselle has agreed to see her. That makes me feel better, that she has someone. While Neil and I are are with another doctor, their offices are side by side in the same building. And Dr Loiselle is younger, I hope that Sprout can have the consistency that I had with my doctor (I have been seeing him for 30-ish years - the man knows me and that is reassuring).

We got a few more diaper inserts and a few disposable diapers, just in case. Today I want to get back into the baby's room and continue to sort and clean and wash everything.

And now for a day long pause in typing...

Today was not a good day for my body. This morning I threw up for only the third time this pregnancy (first two were before 12 weeks and had a cause). I have been sore and tired and achy. I tried to sit up and somehow pulled something in my belly, which thankfully isn't still hurting. Sprout's movements are starting to really be felt. Basically, today everything is getting uncomfortable. I still got a lot of laundry done (both for adults and for Sprout), cleaned half the bathroom, made bread and other house stuff. But I definitely was not as productive as I could have been.

Well, this little one is dancing up a storm and sitting just isn't working. I think it eats into her space. Off to bed to relax and stretch!

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