Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Prenatal class numero uno

We made it to the first prenatal class last night. And they did not ease us into it. First night? The video of the baby coming OUT. The huge headed baby coming out... The huge, hairy, vernix covered head out of the once itty-bitty place. *shudder*

The video was made by a company called "Injoy videos" which amused me greatly. The couples in the video? Often unintentionally hilarious. The one dad made a commment about what was "coming down the pipes" aka - the baby's birth. I immediately turned to Neil and made him swear NEVER to use that phrase during my labour. Another couple spoke about how excited they were about early stage labour and how they had walks and naps together. Um...

I was curious what the class would be like. Would we have a granola-y instructor who went on about the sparkling unicorn and rainbow filled miracle that is childbirth? Or someone more realistic. Thankfully we got someone more realistic. I think there are a few in the class who are not appreciating the humour of the instructor but Neil and I are all giggles. Plus, we're the couple with the earliest due date, so we're the keeners with the room basically done and almost ready for the big show.

I still continue to feel tired and achy. I think part of it is just the amount of stuff that needs to be done to get ready for Christmas. I still have a few gifts to get and the wrapping, a few (ok, lots) more cards to write up, the tree to put up/house to decorate. Plus this weekend I'll be out of town (and losing 2 days) and we have guests coming Monday evening for 10 days from Costa Rica. Marcella is bringing her boys to Edmonton to see snow! Too bad it's also going to be FREAKING COLD the time they are here. And there isn't much snow in town anyway. But I think it'll still be a huge shock to the boys and they will have a blast. However, that is more time taken away from resting and getting ready. Don't get me wrong, it's all wonderful stuff to do! I just can't figure out how to get it all done when everything takes so much time to do AND still get ready for Sprout (aka put the room together, nest and purge!) AND still rest more than ever before. Well, out will have to come the lists and it'll all get done. Either now or after Christmas. So if you get your card in the end of January? Blame the pregnancy. Please.

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