Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Prenatal class two and happy birthday!

Last night was the second prenatal class. And it was the massage class! I just have to say, massages are nice on the aching body. We also learned about what to expect once the little one is out and how long before we get to hold her. She'll get the erythromycin, the vitamin K, the suction, the 3 apgar tests... so about 10 minutes after she's mine! One mother was asking to delay the erythromycin, so that her baby's eyesight will not be blurry and they could then look at each other. Um... your child doesn't come out with 20/20 vision. She will not be able to sit in your arms and see you and bond. The bond will happen, whether she has the medication in her eyes or not. I guess I understand that this is magical, that I'll just want to hold my little one as soon as possible. But I also have no pretensions that the first 10 minutes are some duck-like imprinting time where if Sprout is not near me she will never bond with me.

Next week we learn all about drugs!

And yesterday was the birthday that makes me officially almost too old to have kids. 35 years old... Wow, it feels like it didn't take long at all to get to this age. And, yes, I celebrated by going to prenatal class. Tonight we do pizza dinner. Low key but I have been going way too hard the last few days (weeks?) and can't wait to just rest for awhile.

Hey! THAT is what I should have asked for, for my birthday - sleep. Glorious, uninterrupted sleep...

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