Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Sprout must have dropped this weekend. I can BREATHE! I can take large, easy breaths of air now. And my ribs don't ache the same way when I sleep. It's really a glorious feeling! Although, it also means I pee all the time. I'll feel like I have the world's fullest bladder and rush to the bathroom. And what comes out? A few drops. Annoying, yes, but I'll trade that for the breathing any time. Plus, my appetite has returned with a vengance - I have more room in my stomach and wow do I want to FILL IT UP!

Since the last big shoppign trip we picked up a few more things for the nursery. And bought the cutest doggy sleepers, for when she's older. The dimmer switch is installed. We have a laundry basket of sorts. More and more, it's all coming together!

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