Saturday, December 12, 2009

Week 33

I can't believe another week has passed... we're another week closer to Sprout coming. Time is FLYING by.

Sprout is about 5 pounds now, about 17 inches long. Those are the averages, but I will guess Sprout is just a little longer than that, considering who her papa is. She continues to wiggle and stretch, trying to get as much room out of my belly as possible. This week she's taken to pushing on the inside of my hipbone, to try for more room. My little one, that is a part of me this is not going to move much! We are on the second last fruit, our little honeydew melon. She is continuing to fatten up and get ready for her grand entrance.

This week has been a better one for me. I have been feeling a lot stronger, although it's also been a crazy busy week which has tired me out. I am happy to say I am getting closer to being ready for Christmas, which is a huge relief. Cards  done, gifts basically done and wrapped, house decorated as much as I am willing to this year... woot! Back to focusing on having the nursery ready to go and then the hospital bag packed.

And now for yet another TMI (too much information) part of the blog. Skip the next bit, if you like. And you really may just like...

A few years ago, after a friend gave birth, I learned something new about pregnancy. Something no one ever told me before. Something that happens to most women. The evil "H" word. Especially during the pushing of labour but commonly in the later weeks, as the pressure of the babe and the increased blood flow take its toll. When I heard that, it became my worst pregnancy fear. More so than even labour. The idea of my veins swelling that much, sticking out. It gives me the shudders. Much like needles, it the THOUGHT of it that bothers me. And I have spent the last few months reading about how to avoid them and doing whatever they said.

However.... it happened.

Once again, I am lucky that it's small and not painful. But it's there. My worst fear of pregnancy just hanging around, taunting me. The doctor assures me that I'll likely bounce back to normal, once the babe is out. But until then, I am surviving this. And somehow it makes me feel like I'll be able to survive the other stuff of pregnancy and childbirth and child rearing that are harder or scarier. And if anyone sees me with a ring pillow or a box of adult wipes... just ignore me. It's part of the whole baby-growing shtick.

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