Saturday, December 5, 2009

Week 32

This week Sprout is no longer considered premature - if she was born today she'd be pre-term. Which is another step closer to full term! Her immune system is strong, her lungs are mature. We are on the last week of squash and she's happily nestled inside and growing. And growing. And stretching. And wiggling... It's amazing to me to watch my belly roll and undulate as she dances around. Neil is often getting to feel the kicks now too. She's now sensitive to temperature! Although I haven't tried it out yet, to see if she'll kick me if I put something warm or cold on my belly.

Me? I am swelling. My wedding rings that were once way too large and falling off are snug now. My ankles are rapidly disappearing. Movement is harder, breathing is harder, I am out of breath just walking. And I'm in constant amazement at just how large I am. And before I'd have 6 good days, then 1 bad day. Now? I'll alternate between good and bad days, always pretty much 50/50. But it's still such a wonder, such a joy. I haven't hit that point where I just want it all over but I am reaching the state of discomfort that makes the thought of labour more palatable... if it means being comfortable again.

The nursery is still about the same place as it was last week, however all Sprouts clothes are washed and put away. Which gives me the chance to see exactly how much more we need. For the absolute basics? We're pretty much there. There is plenty of wiggle room to comfort, extras of items that would mean not having to wash clothes every day/every second day. But I feel less panicked about not being ready "just in case". But the small room is completely jam-packed full of stuff. My folks came by and were a little shocked how full it is. Although when you're in there, it's definitely functional.

And in case you are not in the mood to see stretched out naked belly skin? Look no further. For those with a stronger stomach... I look like I am about to BURST!!

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