Saturday, December 26, 2009

35 weeks

Well, another week down! 5 weeks to go, roughly, until we meet our Sprout. Neil is convinced she's coming in 3 weeks though. I am measuring large, but I think it's more wishful thinking. I am reaching the stage where it's getting harder and harder. Harder to sleep, eat, sit, walk, stand... my hips and back hurt. My memory has deteriorated more. And it's hard for him to see me so uncomfortable.

But today we got another step closer to being done. We finished the baby shopping! Except for the fact I picked up the wrong bottles (oops) we are all spent. We have enough clothes, diapers, odds n' ends to survive the first few weeks, at least. We have to put in the car seat still. And there are little things we want to do to the room. I hate the lighting (we have to change the bulbs at least) and install the dimmer switch. And plane the door a bit since it's squeaking. We need an extension cord for the lamp and monitor. There is a sticker on the crib I want to remove. And decals to put on the walls. There are a few toys that have to be brought up from the basement and sorted out. So perfectly ready? No. But close enough? Hells to the yah!!

The maternity bag is now half packed. A few more things need to go in. And then a LARGE note with reminders of the things (like glasses) that can't be packed until we're ready to go. Starting in January mom and I will start cooking meals to freeze. I am starting on the birth announcement list and want to have labels printed, so when she comes we fill int he details, take a picture and order the announcements. Then... then she comes! In late February/March my mom is having a women only baby shower, for family and friends, to meet Sprout. And around the same time Jocelyn, the amazing friend she is, volunteered to host the "our friends" shower. It will be co-ed, no games, just people coming over to meet Sprout and visit. Hopefully the little muffin cooperates... Joc will host it at our place, so we don't have to worry about moving Sprout. And my mom will help prepare foods. My only goal is to stay awake for it. I am aiming low.

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