Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A stressful non-stress test

This morning I had my every two weeks doctor's appointment. I go in, I pee, I get weighed (only a .1 kg gain from last visit!), I get measured (still measuring large - at 36cm when I am only 34 weeks) and asked how it's going. Then they use the doppler to listen to Sprout's heartbeat. This morning Sprout's heartbeat was high. Normal range for a fetus is 120-160. Sprout is at the top end, usually. Around 155-ish. Which "they" say is indicative of a girl. This morning? She was at around 186. Which is higher than the doctor wanted to see. So I was sent off to the hospital for a non-stress test.

And that stressed me out.

I was sent right to the RAWH, where I was admitted and then was put in a clinical white room with belts around my midsection, holding 2 sensors in place. The exact set-up that will be used when I am in labour. And Sprout was monitored for about 40 minutes. She slept the first 20 and her heart rate was around 160. Then she woke up and her heart rate was 155-165. When she moved (which she did a bit, she did NOT like the sensors pressing into her space) her heart rate would go up to 185-ish. Which, according to the nurse, is very normal. And I have to say the nurse was awesome. She was so kind and friendly and really made me feel so comfortable.

When she was being assessed she had the hiccups and was moving around a bit. Plus, I had just had a glass of OJ at breakfast, which makes her a bit hyper. That is likely why her heart rate was higher. But I am so glad the doctor sent me in, just to be sure.

But, I know she's doing well! And I know what her hiccups feel like. And I am glad they took my blood pressure before any of the non-stress test stress started... by the time I got to the hospital it was quite high *grin*

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