Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Check-up? Check! Immunization? Check too (but not a happy check)

This afternoon we had Maddy's 1 year visit with the doctor and it was a success! Maddy looks awesome! And at the doctor's office she was 90th percentile for height, 70the percentile for weight and 75the percentile for head. No concerns raised by me or the doctor. She's meeting milestones like she should be.

Then we went to the health clinic and had another check-up. The second appointment? She's 70the percentile for height, 90% percentile for weight and 96th percentile for head. Um... OK. Accurate? So she's either shorter, fatter with a large head or taller, leaner with a large but less large head. Either way she's awesome and healthy.

She's had her immunizations. Three pokes. None were enjoyed. Well, Maddy went into it pretty fussy. She was being held by dada for a looooong time in the waiting room and then in the nurse's office and the Nunu? She does not like to be restrained! And then dada held her as she got three pokes in the arms. Arms, like a big girl! This is the controversial MMRV vaccination time. Any vaccine is still scary... there is the chance that there will be a reaction. And you're hurting your child. And then you're disrupting their schedule and causing them discomfort for a few days. But I still believe it's worth it. Maybe if Maddy should ever have a serious adverse reaction, I'd believe differently... or at least regret these words. But I believe it's worth it.

It was a very normal-ish day. No celebrations with Maddy, no presents, no cake or singing. Just a lot of holding and loving and being so so so thankful that we have our Nunu with us.

Although now that we made it through year one, it's the start of the "when are you having a second" questions... This is something for another post... but one year of Maddy? Check! A lifetime of watching her grow? I am going to love checking these off.

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