Sunday, January 2, 2011

We survived the holidays!

We made it through Christmas and New Years!

Christmas Eve we went to my aunt and uncle's for food. We rushed off soon after dinner, missing the gift opening, because it was Maddy's bedtime. So much revolves around the sleep patterns of our child... But it was wonderful to catch up with family and visit and spend the time with my goddaughter.

In the morning we woke at our usual time and hung out until baba and dido came over. Maddy, this year, didn't really get Christmas. We tried to convince her to open her gifts but didn't push it when she showed no interest. Then she got sleepy and we put her down and Neil, mom, dad and I opened all the gifts. Maddy? She was SPOILED! And not so much by us. Look to baba and dido to see the culprits... But some we have put away until she's older/for something new. And much was clothes, which now fits her (my big big girl). We were running low on clothes, so that was a glorious set of gifts. After Maddy woke we have a huge brunch and then spent some time as a family, just visiting. Baba and dido left, to prepare dinner, and we spent time as a family. That evening it was over to baba and dido's for dinner and home (almost) on time for Maddy's bedtime.

Boxing day we went to visit with close friends and their family. They have three children and holding the new baby... I missed my baby Maddy, I already feel like those days are a lifetime away. But it was visiting and then home for someone's naptime, which we only kind of missed.

After 3 days of messed up bedtimes/naptime, Maddy was tired. We spent the next 2 days hanging out together and doing a few errands and enjoying the break from the rest of the world. And trying to get Maddy back to normal.

It was a quiet Christmas with family and food and visiting. But most importantly, it was about being together, as a family. And that made it one of the best Christmases ever, to share it with my Nunu.

New years has also now come and gone. It was meant to be an evening with baba and dido, and snacks, and then fondue once Maddy went to bed. But there were so many snacks, that the fondue was skipped. We shared some de-alcoholized "champagne" and then by 830pm baba and dido left and I had a bath and we tried to stay awake. By 1030 we were exhausted... and it was bedtime. We celebrated in the morning, over brunch with a friend. And that brings us to today, the day we're having our Ukrainian Christmas Eve dinner! yes, it's very early, but dido has surgery for his ankle on January 5th so we're celebrating early. The first time in 20+ years we have... But no matter the date, it's the food and the company that matters! And it is possibly my favorite part of the holidays for me! Pics will be taken and posted!

Since it's been so long... some catch-up.

Maddy now has three moles! The original one on her belly, then a small dark mole on her lower back, now one on her chest/shoulder above the first one. Not surprising, considering how many I have... but it's fun to watch them pop up.

She is getting more and more... willful. This morning she found a mechanical pen I put too close to her reach. I took it away, it's dangerous. And? WAAAAAAAILING! She get so genuinely, heart-achingly sad when something doesn't go her way. Her little face scrunches up, tears come so instantly... it's complete distress. And it's happening more and more. She knows what she wants and she can't always communicate what that is. And that bothers her. A lot. And even when we do figure it out, we can't always give in to her. It's hard to see her upset, but boundaries start now.

Her words! Mum (or mama), Dad (or dada), baba, kook (cookie), chsss (cheese), DUCK/guck (duck), goo guur (good girl). She'll bark at the dogs in her own way, so she's picking up canine too... And the still constant "dgia" which we have no clue about.

Well, naptime is coming to an end soon and there is always something to be done. I have a list of 36 goals for 2011, the number decided on since it's how long I have been on this earth. I have done one already! Purge my kitchen or the things I never use. Maybe, when there is time, I will post the goals here and use you all for accountability... Maybe. As I digress, there is still laundry and cleaning and everything to do!

Happy 2011 to you all! 2010 has been the best year of my life, spending it with my family of three. Looking forward to seeing what 2011 will bring!

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