Saturday, January 15, 2011

Missing my family

Today Neil left, to a wedding in Mexico. It was too much to think about having to wrangle a Nunu on a plane for many hours. She does not sit still, she does not like to be held. She would not do well. Plus, I have just started a new job. It's not a great time to be taking vacation (although as an aside, due to my dad's surgery and appointments and a funeral this week I have been taking SO MUCH VACATION. And there is Maddy's 1-year appointments coming up. I have been away so much, I have avoided making doctor's appointments I need...)

Anyway, we decided that it would be best if Maddy and I stayed home while Neil went. And I miss him like crazy. I miss his company, I miss spending time with him. I miss having someone to talk to during dinner, as errands are done, before we go to sleep. But I also miss his extra set of hands. Maddy is getting more challenging. She wants to be entertained more - she'll grab a book and wave it at us, grunting loudly, until we read it. Although then she'll often wander off or watch tv. But don't stop reading! You'll get another grunt of discontent.The same books over and over. And then she'll grab something she shouldn't (and couldn't reach just the day before) and when you take it away she throws herself down on the ground (head first) in a heap of wailing. On the carpet that is ok. On the lino in the kitchen? More wailing (this time legitimate, even though self-induced).

But no matter how challenging, this little girl means everything to me. Just look at that hair, those big blue eyes, that... stuff?... on her nose... *sigh*

I think I am also a little burnt out. I have been trying to get it all done, but I have forgotten something important. Me. I need some Wendy time, away from the house and the dishes and the cooking and the cleaning and being mom and wife. I need time with my girlfriends, to just be me. Once Neil returns and we have the party done, then it'll be my big priority - to get out in the evening. Take some time to recharge. And also start planning our next vacation, with all three of us there.

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