Friday, January 7, 2011

More "omg I haven't posted in soooo long, I'm sorry" updates

Life? She continues to be crazy. And still I never seem to get around to posting... I keep hoping it'll all calm (and it almost is). Once Neil returns from his trip, we'll be in the clear. Maybe.

Happy Orthodox Christmas Eve!* Tonight we would normally be at baba and dido's eating and celebrating, but this is not a normal year. But we still had the food and the friends and the family! Just a bit earlier.

Yesterday dido went into hospital, to have surgery on his ankle. It's been bothering him for years, and this will hopefully fix the problem. But until it heals, it will be very painful. Right now he has a nerve blocker IV in his leg, numbing him completely from the knee down. Once that is removed? It will be quite hard for him. But in a few days he'll be out of hospital and will be home, where he can begin to heal. And we're bringing Maddy in whenever we can, to cheer dido up!

Maddy. Maddy! She is just so much FUN! Teething has been cruel to her, the last few weeks. But tooths 5 and 6 have made their appearance and hopefully we can take a break from teething for awhile. Hopefully. But otherwise she's standing and walking along furniture and eating the furniture and babbling like crazy. Much is "duck" right now, which when said loudly and with vehemence? Sounds kind of like something else... Ah well!

And we're planning a small birthday party for her. I can't believe we're sneaking up on a YEAR since labour started... Back to the point. We sat down and made a list of all the people we wanted to celebrate with... and it was huge. Then we sliced and diced the list. And it's still huge... But smaller huge. It will be a low-key affair. Some snacks, some drinks, some visiting and then cupcakes! I originally wanted to order a TARDIS cake (but pink). However, Neil talked me out of it, since no one would likely know what a TARDIS is. Including Maddy (she just likes the music to the show). I think the only real splurge will be helium balloons. Maddy saw some at the hospital and was enthralled. And helium balloons are something I always wanted at my birthdays, as a kid. One of the many joys of having a child is getting to (legitimately) be one again! We're having the party on January 29th. Because there were a few friends and then my mom's group all with kiddos are the same time, we're just happy we got the weekend we wanted. This Saturday we have 2 first birthday parties, then next weekend a first birthday party, then the weekend after yet another. Then Maddy's! But after this, it should calm for awhile. I hope.

So much hoping this post! Hoping for calm and no more teething and dido to heal rapidly. But life truly is wonderful. So wonderful that I sometimes get scared, wondering what will go wrong. Can life really stay as simple and happy and perfect as it is now? Do I really get to be that lucky? I have a wonderful husband, an amazing daughter, loving and supportive parents, two adorable dogs, a good job that I enjoy and a small but cozy home over my head... I have it all! And I have never in my life been happier!

* this was typed up Jan 6th, but I guess I didn't publish it until checking on it at work on Jan 7th (on my break). So... oops!

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