Saturday, January 29, 2011

We survived. Nay thrived!

The party was wonderful! A few friends (note to self, bigger house next time, something better for entertaining), much visiting and only one HUGE house-clearing tantrum. Seriously, this person normally such a sweetheart. But today this someone had a poor morning nap and no afternoon nap and a post-immunization runny nose. And then we threw a house full of people and a disrupted schedule at someone... and someone lost their marbles. And I mean lost their marbles in a loud, loud, LOUD way. Loud. And snot covered.

But before the fit, we had about 20 people over. There was enough food and not enough space. Dido couldn't be here, with his foot after surgery, so he was Skyped in and got to see the singing and the cupcake and then we parked him (the computer) on the bookshelf and he watched us all visit. Although for awhile, near the end, his video was facing the ceiling/corner of the room. So he heard a bunch of people talking... Oops.

We visited and we ate and we sang, but ran out of time to open gifts. They are still sitting in the corner of the room until tomorrow, when they will be opened and pictures taken for the guests, to put in the thank you cards (which reminds me, buy thank you cards...).

But Maddy is in bed after a bath that stripped the layer of snot off her face. And nary a peep from her room. House is half cleaned (the food is put away) and then rest can be done tomorrow. Now I am sitting and blogging and staring blankly at the house around me, willing it to finish cleaning itself.

Maddy is now one year old, the party is done and the stream of parties for all the other one year olds around us is done. Now? Now we rest. Take the rest of the winter off from the big stuff and just relax and spend time as a family.

Come spring? We tackle a few house projects!

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