Thursday, January 7, 2010

More catch-up

Monday was yet another doctor appointment. I am (of course) measuring large still - at 38cm in week 36. But everything else is still wonderfully normal. Weight is still ok, blood pressure steady for the last few months, baby's heartbeat normal. Next week, they check to see if I have started to dilate. Ugh.

Neil is still convinced she's coming soon. As in Jan 16th soon! This has me in a bit of a panic, since I have about 50 meals to prepare and freeze and also the entire house to clean, a few projects to finish, a few more things to pick up, people I want to see and lunch/dinner with... Too much for 10 days. So? She'll just have to wait until her due date to come out! Or later... Feb 4th works for me. And, yes, I know it's her call but a mom can wish.

Since Tuesday Sprout has been much quieter. I still feel her moving around, but she's much calmer, more flutters versus huge swinging kicks. Which is sometimes a sign of impending delivery. Except not this time. Because I'm not ready. Hear that, my little one?

Last night was Ukrainian Christmas Eve dinner - and it was FABULOUS as always. The food was glorious, my mom can definitely cook! We ate until we were bursting, which wasn't that much for me. Then we sat around and laughed and talked. And laughed. And laughed a lot more. There is a core of the "regulars" - John & Ruth, Paul & Iris, Debbie, Graeme, Erika & Frasier. And one guest couple - this year Ken & Lois. The regulars? They are like family to me. Every year, on the Christmas that is the fun and stress-free one, they are there to laugh with and visit with. And have been there for close to 20 years now. Next year? There will be a new regular, our little girl, who will get to enjoy the food and the company and the house full of love that magically happens every Jan 6th.

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