Saturday, January 16, 2010

Week 38

Neil was convinced she'd be coming yesterday or today. And... still no real sign of her. Some Braxton-Hicks (I think) and loads of discomfort. But no emerging baby! Which is OK. Despite the fact that I have made all the meals I planned, I still haven't fully cleaned the house and I really should before she comes. Plus, it's nice to have the time to let Neil's finger heal. He REALLY did quite the number on it.

Sprout? Still pretty much fully baked. Me? Still pretty much uncomfortable. It's becoming a broken record. Sleeping was horrible last night - my hips ache so much from laying on them constantly for months. And my ribs hurt too. My swelling is increasing daily and my wedding rings are a distant memory, despite the fact they were once falling off me. I really am reaching that magical point where I'd rather go through the agony of labour (which has an end) than this constant state of discomfort. Although, there is some comfort in having Sprout still nestled inside - I know where she is, I know she's protected and fed and warm and not crying...

We're going to a friend's son's birthday party tonight, which will be fun. And are heading out today to get the car sear inspected (to make sure we installed it correctly). And the rest of the day? Will be spent resting. I am just not capable of much more than that, right now.

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