Thursday, January 28, 2010

She's here!!

Born on January 26th at 11:42am, Madeline Helen Patricia (Maddy) is here! She was 7lbs, 10 ounces (3460g), almost 21 inches (53cm) at birth.

Birth? Well, that is a slightly traumatic story saved for later. But the only important part is Maddy is here safely and she's gorgeous! The pic above was taken only a few hours after birth. And under that little cap is a full head of dark blonde hair, with a slight curl in it! I know nurses have to say it, but everyone says she's a gorgeous little girl.

Today is day 3 and our first day at home. So far? It's been good. Maddy is a sleeper (if she's in your arms) and I think we've gotten the hang of breastfeeding. And while this may be TMI (as per usual) I think that my milk is even coming in!!

Neil has been the most amazing and loving father and husband. I could not have asked for more support and love in any way. However, no one bothered to tell him that cleaning is the LAST thing to worry about! You nap when the baby naps. Our kitchen is spotless but Neil was exhausted. He's now crashed on the couch and hopefully getting the rest he needs. I think I am on the high of getting the breastfeeding thing started well that I am incapable of sleep. Right now. Give me an hour, and I'll crash and Neil can take over.

Today the nurses came, to assess me and Maddy. There were 2, a veteran and a new nurse on the job, in training. While their names now elude me (serious memory issues here) both were wonderful and helpful and Maddy is doing well as am I. Except the trauma to the baby exit zone and the fact that the cankles I showed before? They have quadrupled in size. I honestly struggle to bend them. Lots of water and feet up is the remedy. But I have to take a pic of them as is... it's a little scary.

The dogs are SO excited about the new addition to the family, although we're careful to keep them separated still. They just want to be near her and shower her in kisses. And every time she cries, they want to be by her side. Except they are not allowed in her room... which has Sherman a little upset. But he'll live.

Day 3 of being a mom... and I am more in love with Maddy than I ever thought possible.

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