Thursday, January 21, 2010

We have gone internal!

Warning, this post contains "internal" information!

Today was another doctor's appointment and I was given the option to have an internal examination. Which I most definitely took!

Taking a step back - again this week I started with a student doctor, this time a resident. He was a gentle and polite Arabic man. He was very careful and thorough (although not very confident). I am measuring 39cm, BP still normal (although high for me), weight is just a bit higher (ick), and everything is looking normal. Then the resident and mom care doc came in and did the internal exam. First her, then him. He gave the rundown on where he though I was at, she agreed.

mucous plug is gone
1.5-2 cm dilated
cervix is in mid position and medium firmness (needs to move to anterior and be soft, from posterior and firm)
baby's head is at station -1
effacement... well, I am either 25% or 75% effaced. They said 75% but I am not sure that meant 75% left or 75% along. I was getting a little excited at that point!

My body is getting ready for the big day! Since hearing the news, I have been feeling much better. I even BOUNCED down the stairs! Just knowing that the initial steps have started makes me feel there is an end to it all. During the exam, the doctors were able to feel her head. Someone other than me has now touched her.

Neil's reaction? I think it hit him (again) that labour is imminent. There may have been some shaking, stress and alcohol consumption *grin*.

Last night was our last prenatal class, all about breastfeeding. I have to say, it does not look easy. I am hoping that both Sprout and I are quick learners. Right now, Neil and I are planning to exclusively breastfeed until both Sprout and I have the hang of it, then introduce bottles so that Neil (and the grandparents) can take the occasional feed.

The maternity bag has been triple checked (only a few things added). Now to clean the house properly - Sprout can't come home to a messy place! - and clean her room again. I must make sure the laundry is all finished, things are organized and ready to go... we're having a BABY people!!

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