Saturday, January 9, 2010

Week 37

We have made it to WATERMELON people - that is not an encouraging fruit as labour approaches. But Sprout is now considered FULL TERM. We did it, we grew a person! Now I just have to get her out of me.

She's still pretty quiet in there, not moving quite as much. But she is about 7 lbs and 20 inches long - there can't be much wiggle space left. She gets the hiccups about once a day now, which still makes me smile every time. We're just waiting for the big entrance to come.

My nesting has been pretty strong. I have been cooking up a storm and freezing many meals. My urge to clean the house is growing - every where I look there is something else that I want to scrub/move/throw out. There are still about 5 dishes I want to make and freeze (on the agenda for tomorrow), the car seat to put in (today) and a whole shwack of cleaning to do (today, tomorrow, the next day etc).

By the end of the day I ache. My feet, hips, ribs, back... everything. In fact, it's often so painful that falling asleep is a challenge. Sometimes I wonder if this is just how hard late stage pregnancy is, or if I am just feeling the effects of my age. I think it's likely a little bit of both. But the simplest things are harder - like walking. I can't get over how slow I am! I just can't seem to swing my legs any faster. The other day, out doing errands in the cold with Neil, I was trying to "turbo power" my walk to the car. I was moving as fast as I could on the icy parking lot when I realized that not only am I waddling, but I am bobbing my head like a CHICKEN in hopes it would speed up my waddle. A comment on this has lead to Neil randomly humming the "Chicken Dance" song as I waddle around. And while I am not able to retaliate yet, just wait until the baby comes, my love!!


  1. Oh boy! Good luck Wendy - don't forget to relax though, you're going to need to save lots of energy for the big event!

  2. Yah, I have to work on that relaxing thing more... as soon as I finish freezing meals and cleaning the house :)