Saturday, January 23, 2010

Week 39 and update

The update? Nothing has changed *grin*

The Braxton-Hicks have totally stopped now, everything is just status quo. Sprout is ready to come any time now. We have my maternity bag packed, car seat installed and checked, nursery ready, house reasonably clean (although more to be done on that today), Neil has started packing his maternity bag even! After a horrible night's sleep on Thursday, I slept as well as I could last night and so feeling human today. Tonight I think Neil and I are going on a date to see Avatar. Tomorrow dinner at the parent's place. Wednesday night is book club. Life is going on!

On Thursday I was talking with a friend who was also pregnant. She was due 3 days before me. We were comparing where our bodies were, and they were in about the same place (regarding effacement, dilation etc). We were joking about how in sync we were, that we may just have our kids at the same time. We spoke Thursday at 930pm the last time. She had a son (6lbs 4 oz) on Friday morning!

First, congratulations Blessie! I can't wait to meet him!

Second, I KNEW Sprout would be a stubborn procrastinator, just like both her parents are. Our little apple is not falling far from the tree.

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