Monday, February 21, 2011

Better than I could have dreamed!

Maddy did better than I could have dreamed in the car! She slept for about 1 hour on the way there and only got really fussy as we approached Lloyd. Then she napped for about another hour from Lloyd to Saskatoon, and again was fussy only when we got close. Driving home she slept pretty much from Saskatoon to Lloyd and was up from Lloyd to almost outside Edmonton but was pretty calm and just snacked and played with toys and looked out the window. There was some fussing, but NOTHING like I was expecting. Ah, kids... they do what they can to keep you on your toes. Well, put you firmly on the ground if you were expecting to be on your toes? Whatever the metaphor, Maddy was great in the car.

And she was also on her best behaviour at family's place. She didn't have a complete meltdown at any time, or play strange or throw up on anything valuable or try to eat their furniture (although as soon as we got home she tried to chomp on the coffee table here...). She did get a little upset when some cousins left... she really gets so sad when people go now. But she was her usual Maddy-awesome and we were so proud of her.

And the weekend was filled with family and love and visiting and getting to know and re-know each other. It wasn't nearly long enough to get all the stories shared, but soon we'll get together again. There was even a little party for her, with yummy banana cake (which we were supposed to take, but was forgotten in the fridge, sadly). And Maddy opened her first gift! For the first time, she took an interest in the bag and paper and pulling the stuff out. And she also had her first bath in a big-girl tub. She didn't look too small for the tub... and that was a little sad. My baby is a toddler now. Speaking of toddling... She spent the entire weekend walking and walking and walking. Their floors are beautifully carpeted and Maddy was able to easily walk and there was so much space for her to practice in, with just enough furniture to give her something to aim for.

In short, it was a perfect weekend. And now we'll more confidently make car trips. Although you KNOW that means the next time, when we expect this weekend's Maddy we'll get a fussing, screaming, little muffin-head. Because that's just how parenthood goes...

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