Monday, February 7, 2011

It's not you... it's me

Hello again, dear neglected blog. It's been... a week? Already? Wow, that was a fast week... And it's not that there is a problem with you, it's a problem with me (and illness and time management and laziness and...).

At a training session on campus right now. While the bureaucrats ate and are now bored and surfing the net, the instructor is off doing... other stuff? And wanted his full hour for lunch. So here we sit, the 4 students of Access. So this industrious mom is using her time to visit the now often neglected blog. And update (this time without pics... what I mean is AGAIN without pics).

Maddy is awesome! She's been fighting the teeth for weeks now and we finally have a break. After this little stretch we now have 4 upper teeth and 3 on the bottom. And the are adorable and gappy! Otherwise life is good. Maddy is still THIIIIIIS close to walking. Yesterday at a birthday dinner at my parent's place, she stood in the centre of the room, watching TV and holding something. As we all watched Maddy took FOUR little steps towards the TV and then once she realized what she was doing? Drop the floor and crawling. We know the walking is coming soon and then a whole new world opens up for her (and us).

Otherwise she's constantly talking to us. Her words? They don't quite make sense yet. But they are said with great care and deliberation. This morning as I was changing her pants the word was "dgoost". She'd say it, then look at me expectantly. Then try a slight variation... "dgust"? And once again look for a reaction. I have to admit, I smile and clap and cheer for any of her words, real or not. It's adorable to hear her try, and awesome that this communication has started.

Now that we see Maddy's personality begin to emerge, we have started the daydreaming about what is to come. Asking her what she wants for dinner tonight, and then explaining how we can't have oranges AGAIN for dinner. Singing songs with her. Hearing her call out "Mommy! Daddy! WATCH ME!" as she slides down the slide. Although we're pretty sure we're mum and dad - not mommy and daddy. Although we constantly refer to ourselves as mama and dada (t0 Maddy, not at work or anything) she calls us mum and dad only. Which is still pretty freaking adorable, if you ask me.

Well, my instructor - who appears to be a conspiracy theorist fan - is instructing us on how the US has recalled all their ambassadors and there is a new world currency about to be created and that China has called their debt repayment from the US and that parcels of US land are going to be labelled as China and used to manufacture Chinese goods and... Well. Ya. But it's now time to learn again! Hope he sticks more to Access databases and less to conspiracy. Lemme guess, he's a fan of the new Jesse Ventura show...

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