Saturday, February 12, 2011

Walking...? Ish?

Well, I think Maddy is walking. She walks but is she walkING? I dunno... Everyday, more and more, she's bipedal. She stands in the centre of the room and takes as many as 7 steps. Or to and from furniture. But still much of her locomotion is on her hands and knees. It's such a gradual process, when do we call it there? I arbitrarily call it... TODAY! Maddy is walking.

And today I also cut her hair. Her bangs were tickling her nose and we spent so much time brushing them to the side. And the barrettes? They were, more and more, becoming a snack. So today after errands, when Neil was downstairs, I grabbed the kitchen shears and snipped. They are uneven but so much better than what was before. Today? Maddy had her first haircut.

February 12th is a day to remember.

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