Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our first bottle-free day

Yesterday morning I gave Maddy her last bottle. We were down to the one. And now we're down to none... She doesn't need formula and I don't want to get into the giving her milk in her bottle. Plus the docs are very anti-bottle come a year old. I have replaced her bottles with glasses of milk. Not as filling and she needed breakfast much earlier than usual. But no more bottles...

No more bottles.

She's also loving the walking thang. She lifts her knees and walks with her feet out to the side. And it's the most adorable thing I have possibly ever seen! She's falling a lot too, but quickly picks herself up and keeps on trucking. I think she's about 80% bipedal now.

She's becoming such a big girl now. And it's not going to slow down, it's not going to move at a leisurely pace. NOW I understand the need for a second child, it's to hold onto that fleeting babyhood. And, no, there are no plans for another! I just understand why others do it... not US :)

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