Friday, February 11, 2011

The time to capture the last time...

Every day we're taking steps further and further from baby-hood. We've eliminated the afternoon bottle and tonight I gave Maddy what we're intending on being her last night bottle. I had Neil take pictures of the last night bottle. And the pictures? Are HIDEOUS. I mean, Maddy is awesome cute. I am the hideous one. I was going to share... and now nope. Anyway, the only bottle left is her morning one... Bottles (and formula) will soon be left behind. And with that being one of the only times we can snuggle with Maddy? It saddens me. But for everything we leave behind, there are 5 new things to celebrate.

Maddy is still not walking independently - although tonight she was almost running laps around the coffee table. She's not talking in "real" words but is often chattering away in her own little language. Tonight she was in an awesome mood - she has been fragile of late, with teething and immunization and a little cold - and we had a blast laughing and tickling and reading books. When we sing "Head and Shoulders" she starts acting out by grabbing her head and then watches intently as I finish the actions. She claps her hands at Pat-a-Cake. She knows what her tongue is and will stick it out when we talk about it. And her little, tiny, 1 year old tongue? Adorable! She's getting good about identifying "duck" and will ask for mum, dad and baba. She's awesome! Being her mom is an honour and I can't imagine loving anything more than her.

But I am starting to do something I said I wouldn't. I am comparing... Other kids are walking already, talking more, signing more, turning on complicated TV sets... and then I wonder if I am doing something wrong in that Maddy isn't. Should I be doing more? Reading more? Videos? Flash cards? Should I spend more time teaching her and less time rolling on the floor nibbling her belly until she collapses in fits of laughter? And when I think that... when I think Maddy isn't doing enough... I feel guilty, I feel sad... that already looking to find her lacking. And I do not want to do that or be that. But I have to be honest, as I chronicle her childhood, that I could become that person if I forget to enjoy the now. And the now really is so wonderful! Maddy is exactly where she should be. Please don't let me forget that...

And to celebrate blogging twice in a week - woot! - a few pics this time!

Maddy's signs of sleepy - thumb sucking and holding onto Roger, her teddy. Oh Roger... never leave us! You have become an important part of our little family. 

Maddy in her birthday outfit (the same christmas tutu and a Boston Terrier tee) with some of the decorations - a clothesline with Maddy's little outfits from the first few months and photographic evidence that she really was that small! 

Singing happy birthday to Maddy! The skirt and tights have been removed and a blanket laid down to protect us all from the mess (that never occurred). Maddy was MUCH more interested in the plastic milk bottle toys than us singing or the cupcake. 

No interest in the food. But for some reason as she sat there and ate/played her little leg kept lifting up. My girl? She does it her way! 

Still in the air... What? 

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