Saturday, February 26, 2011

Month Thirteen Letter

My dear Maddy,

You are motoring your way (literally) into the second year of your life! You are a walking and exploring machine and NOTHING can stop you. Well, except the change in flooring between the laminate and the rug - that used to get you every time although you're better at lifting your feet now.

There is very little pre-toddler left in your life. No bottles, no baby food... Although are still in your crib! Not ready to even begin thinking of changing that yet. You are a pretty mobile sleeper and I could see a few falls out of bed. Although, we're never really sure about how (and when) you sleep. We shut the door and can't open it again until morning. Which is defined by when you start talking. Are you up before then? Maybe... We can't check on you, since it'll wake you every time and you are NOT happy to be woken up. I miss the days when before I'd go to sleep I'd go into your room, check to make sure you had your blanket/Roger and were peacefully breathing. Before we dropped your crib to the lowest level I'd also lightly kiss your forehead. Now I huddle next to your baby monitor and strain to hear you breathe or move before I can close my eyes for the day.

We have booked your spot in daycare and you start in just over 2 months! And your crazy mama has already started thinking about what will need to be done every morning and how much more rushed it will all be. Luckily I am now able to get ready in less than 10 minutes (10 minutes if I need to straighten my hair). There was a time when I'd even look in the mirror before leaving for work. Now, I glance down and hope it matches and I am clean. And with the bottle you wanted breakfast later but without the bottle? Breakfast needs to be pretty soon after waking, which will be good once the daycare days start. Although mama doesn't function as well immediately. Another thing I'll learn to do!

You are such a social little girl! We can take you to new places and to new people and you are calm and curious. You may not instantly warm to them, but you rarely get upset. You take it all in stride and adapt quickly to a new place. Finally, a trait like your mama! You really are your dada's daughter and are so much like him.

Every day, every second with you, is amazing. You are our world, Maddy. Every month sees so much change, it's like having a brand new Nunu! Here's to another month of walking and moving and learning and exploring.

We love you so much, Maddy.


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