Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our longest (and farthest) journey yet!

This weekend Neil, Maddy and I are heading out to Saskatoon* to visit Neil's family. My first chance to visit Neil's family! I am so excited to meet everyone and can't wait to get there. But this is also going to be our longest trip with Maddy, double the time (7 hours versus 3.5 hours). And we'll be there for 2 nights. So far Madds has only been away from home one night. It's our double/double trip! And Maddy is at a phase in her development where she's all about GO GO GO GO. She doesn't like to sit still, she wants to go and explore and touch and walk... and tantrum when she doesn't get her way.

Speaking of tantrum... Is that normal? To have heart-wrenching MELTDOWNS when she is moved (and she didn't want to be), or something is taken away (that she wanted) or she isn't carried to her desired location to explore (as we hold her, she crooks her finger and says "DGISH"). I have started trying to remember to tell her what is happening, to warn her that I am taking something away or I have to pick her up. Or change her diaper. Wow, changing her diaper has become a fit-producing event. Or baba leaving leads to cries. But not mama. And that doesn't hurt. Much. Anyway. Telling her sometimes prevents as much of a meltdown. Only sometimes. I think we're at that awkward phase of all the tantrums and limited ability communicate/rationalize with her...

Well, tomorrow will be packing and prepping food and making sure we have absolutely everything for a one year old to travel with. Pics will be taken, happy stories of family and (hopefully) successful tales of travelling** will be shared upon our return.

* We have people staying at the house and an alarm, in case anyone is thinking of robbing us. My mom made me post that... she gets worried when I mention we're away. WE ARE PROTECTED ROBBERS!

** Anyone have an opinion on driving all evening/night Sunday versus leaving Monday morning and driving all day? Night driving - negatives: driving in the dark, having to stay awake, coming home in the middle of the night and still having to get up with Maddy in the morning, positives: Maddy sleeps through the travelling. Day driving - positives: sun. awake drivers. negative: awake Maddy.

*** - and no, I didn't put three stars in the blog text but wanted to chronicle that we switched Maddy's car seat on Monday! We drove with her in it, on Tuesday and she was comfy and still fell asleep. With her being almost the size of a 2 year old? It was just time...

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