Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's been quite the week!

Last night, as I was making her bottle, I put Maddy on the floor of the kitchen. I placed her as I always do, on her hands and knees. She still has issues with staying seated and when she wants to stop sitting she THROWS herself headfirst onto the floor. And on lino that results in major grumping.

I finished up making her bottle and turned around to pick her up. And she was SITTING. I did not put her down sitting yet there she was... It hasn't happened since but yay Madds! Another first, sitting herself up!


  1. Wowza!! So many firsts this week!! What a superstar our Madds is!

  2. She's had a crazy busy week! But she's been a bit grumpier and not sleeping as well. When she's learning something new she tries to practice in her crib/sleep... silly Nunu!