Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Really, so many many firsts this week...

We had our first tooth this week. A tooth! And it's still working it's way out. You can't SEE much but you can feel it.

We had our first runny nose. Scary but thankfully it was just a wee little cold and she's back to normal.

We had our first hands and knees crawl. Only a few steps, then it's back to belly crawling. But it's the start of something rapid and scary and mobile.

We had our first bits of cheese. I smooshed it between my fingers until it was mushy and then broke it into little, little pieces and Madds happily opened her mouth for the snack. Her look was a little confused at first but in the end it was a success!

We had our first big girl bath. Well, not totally big girl. But instead of in the reclined baby tub she's in the small tub, sitting up and splashing. Well, splashing and losing her balance and falling over and going boom! It was ok in  the end and she was just fine, I promise. But pics were taken and Madds is happily chewing on various bath toys. And mama MAY have shed a tear at how big her girl is. Maybe. Shaddup. I am hormonal...

We also used our first big girl towel after her bath! Up until now I have been using a baby towel. On a child the size of a 1 year old. Yes, I am grasping at anything to make me feel like I still have a baby. But too quickly she's moving beyond so many baby things.

This has been a crazy week and it's only Wednesday... let's hope this is enough in the firsts department, for now. I need to get used to this all!

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