Monday, September 20, 2010

Keyboard yum

On Sunday Madds and dada were hanging out together on the couch. Dada was showing Maddy his favorite video game and Madds was loving the images and randomly hitting the keys. Somehow Madds managed to kill dada's toon (her first WoW death!) and while Neil was telling me, he turned to look at me. He turned back to the laptop and noticed something wrong. There was a key missing on the keyboard. I grabbed Madds and Neil carefully stood up and we started searching for the key. After a few seconds I noticed Maddy was gumming something... Could she have? She could. She did. Madds somehow (in about 5 seconds) pulled a key off the laptop and was eating it. Well, key was removed and replaced and Maddy was a little put out her "food" was gone. Life with Maddy seems to be one heart attack after another...


  1. What a kid! I'm glad she didn't swallow it. Out of curiosity, which key/letter was it?

  2. She ate the... control key? The one between the alt and the ctrl key, to the left of the space bar on the laptop. Even Neil didn't know the name :)