Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Our first brush with illness

We have illness in the house. Neil has a cold. And while he tried to stay away from her, Madds now has a bit of a runny nose. I THINK we've managed to nip Maddy's cold in the bud (her nose stopped running this morning) but it was close. And it was scary. I didn't know how sick she'd get, how she'd react, how it would disrupt her patterns.

She had a runny and stuffy nose, but not a bad one. There was a flash of a fever yesterday but some advil took care of that. Her naps have been shorter than usual and she's wanted to sleep earlier than usual. Right now I threw her down for an extra afternoon nap, just because she was a little fragile after her really short 1pm nap. She has been a little flat in affect, not her normal bubbly self, and a little more whiny that usual. But we're so lucky it wasn't worse. So lucky!

Although we're still going to stay home for at least one more day. And I have to say, mama is going just a LITTLE stir-crazy, being stuck in the house. But Friday we'll get out a visit (as long as no one gets more ill). Yay!

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