Thursday, September 2, 2010

Little round cereals? Check!

Today I got together with a few friends. Again, we talked all things mom but this time? This time the kiddos interacted too. It's just wonderful to see your child and another playing. Well, your child grabbing their hair. And them grabbing your child's mouth like a fish hook. And the third one grabbing the extra Sophie's laying around...

Today one of the kids was eating Cheerios. I took a few and gave them to Maddy. Maddy ate a solid snack. Not pureed or mashed or flaked. Solid. And she did well! She chewed, she swallowed. She ate! Afterwards we went grocery shopping and I bought "Nutrios" for Maddy at home. They had no salt or sugar added. Healthy! But they also apparently forgot to add flavour. They taste like styrofoam wrapped in cardboard. But Madds still ate them with only a small grimace. Next ones may have some salt or sugar and thus flavour...

But my friends inspired me to let Madds sit in the grocery cart. And she did it! At first, she kinda flopped to the right. Then she slumped down. Then she grumped. But then she realized if she sat there, so could see new things and meet new people. Then it all came together! Madds charmed the staff and customers and had a blast. And mom snuck into an aisle and snapped a fast pic with her phone.

Woo hoo Madds!

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