Monday, September 6, 2010

It's hard to be social

We had a very social two days! On Saturday we went for Dim Sum with a friend who is leaving Edmonton. Then went to another friend's to help with her house renos. Well, I took care of Maddy and visited while Neil did the renos... Then yesterday we had friends over for a late lunch then went to a surprise birthday party/baby shower (I wish I knew about the baby shower part...) and saw friends we haven't in awhile. It was wonderful to see everyone but it was also draining to be that social.

I am normally alone with Madds. Or we may have one or two moms and their kids over. And they have to leave quickly after arriving, since there are naps or meals or something... I am just not used to crowds anymore or prolonged visiting. Although it really was so wonderful to see everyone and get the chance to catch up. Today though? Today is just me, Neil and the Maddster and we're going to do errands (mama needs a new bra and Madds needs diapers). And maybe a few new burp cloths for Madds. She's still the messiest eater and she's in her raspberry phase (all day she's sticking her tongue out and spitting everywhere) and she's spitting up. We're always wiping.

To be clear, she's not spitting up any more than before, it's just that now it smells like vomit, where before it smelled like formula. You know, everything that didn't smell much smells SO much more now. Diapers? Ugh. Spit up? Ugh. Even farts, which once were just rumbles, now have an aroma. I think they start babies off cute and less smelly so that you get attached. Then when the odour comes? You already love the little creature and can't imagine life without her, smells and all.

With no segue at all, how is it September already? I have 4 more months of maternity leave left. Can that be possible??! Only 4 months? Baba is going to take Maddy full time when I go back to work, until about May or so. We won't have to worry about too many winter colds and we can save all the daycare money to rebuild our nest egg. And it will be a little easier getting Maddy into a daycare or dayhome when she's a bit older. Baba is the best! I went and saw one daycare and it was strange to think of leaving my daughter there one day. It was a smaller room, with some older toys and things. But the daycare had a more academic focus, which the nerd in me liked. But I wasn't completely sold and it's a small place with few spots. Another bonus of waiting a few months before we need to place Maddy is we'll have a better idea is she'd be more suited for an academic kind of daycare or a crafts one or a place where she can run and play more. Right now we'd be placing her in one that showed a lot of TV, because she's LOVING the TV!

It's actually a little scary how fixated she becomes on the "boob tube" as my mom calls it. She'll stop everything and stare. If you try to block her view with your hand? She's bobbing and dodging your hand, trying to catch a glimpse. And it doesn't matter what's on TV, anything is fascinating. So? We have no more TV on when Madds is awake. Just music or the radio. Well, except for news because I need some way to keep up with the world. I can't be a total hermit!

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