Wednesday, September 22, 2010

She's a follower!

Today I was hanging with the Nunu. We were in the living room and I needed to go to the kitchen to make a bottle. While in there, I was talking to Maddy. She saw me in the kitchen and started her belly-crawl towards me. In the past she'd just crawl to the edge of the rug and hang out there. Today? Today she ventured off the rug and through the hall and all the way to the kitchen!

Before she reached me, though, she passed the dogs' bowls. And tried to practice feeding herself by grabbing a handful of kibble. I was watching and cleared the kibble out before she tried to swallow them. Then put the bowl on the counter, only to be taken down during naps and after bedtimes. She also made a bee-line to the stairs leading to the back door. So now that door is perpetually shut. Life is compartmentalized now!

But she's now leaving rooms and entering new ones. She's also into EVERYTHING, refusing to nap any length of time and refusing purees she used to love. So, it's all good but grumpy. So good and so very grumpy...

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