Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's been awhile

I haven't said much about me lately. So, here's the (not so) interesting news about me.
  1. My professional life has been wonderful. My job isn't the most challenging in terms of work but the people are awesome and supportive and I am given respect for any ideas. The Ministry, too, is great. It's really a healthy environment! I feel that I could happily stay here for awhile. Although my job ends in November...  Here's hoping they can keep me on.
  2. Marriage is wonderful too. A new kiddo can really put a strain on a relationship, but it's only brought Neil and I closer together.There is no drama or stress. Just 2 ole married folks (who are also best friends) working together to raise a daughter. I have a wodnerful husband and I am so so so so lucky.
  3. There was a good stretch of time where I didn't see my girlfriends much. But the last few weeks I have been trying much harder to see them and it's been great for my mental health. Although it could also be that spring is ALMOST coming! Today and tomorrow are ick but then it should be spring temps (and flooding) for the next bit. And the increased sun has been awesome. It's so nice to arrive at work after the sun rises.
  4. The down-there-complications after Maddy's birth. They are pretty well under control. I have to go back to the doc and the physio just to make sure. But I am now good. Not pre-baby normal but normal for a person who pushed a kid with a head in the 98th percentile out her lady bits. So now normal.
  5. I thought I would like being a mom most of the time. But I was sure there would be moments (hours, days?) where I would long for the simplicity and selfishness being a non-mom gave me. But, so far, that has not at all happened. I love being Maddy's mom. Period. There are times (like when she refuses to nap during her ONE nap a day) that I get frustrated. But there is not a time where I have missed sleeping in, going out whenever I wanted to, having freedom more than I am happy being Maddy's mum-mum-mum-mum. And that, honestly, surprises me. I really thought I was more selfish and lazy than I am turning out to be.
  6. I stepped on the scale this morning. And the number was a HAPPY one! I am not just a hair lower in weight than I was when I got pregnant. I went to a store yesterday and bought pants. They are a size smaller than I have been wearing. It was a store that has a larger fit, but even a few months ago I was wearing the size up from what I bought. I have a goal in mind (12 pounds less than where I am now) and I'll continue to work to meet it. Although when I told my mom what my goal weight was, she looked me up and down and then gave me a range to aim for - with my goal weight at the TOP of that range. Baby-steps, baba! Just because I get to my goal weight doesn't mean I'll stop. And, to put it all in perspective, even at this new just -lower-than-pre-preggo weight? I am still JUST inside of overweight according to BMI.
And there is the quick and dirty on me. I am good. Awesome! Happy! Not very interesting stuff to blog about (they say that drama reads better) but I love my husband and daughter... I love my life! Now, I wonder how badly I'll jinx myself once I hit publish...

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