Saturday, March 5, 2011

Playdate day!

Today Neil and I went to a playdate, with some friends from my sing and sign group. One of the fabulous ladies arranged, at her church, a chance for us to all get together. There were 8 kiddos and their parents there, and so much room and toys and places to explore. And Maddy LOVED it. We put her down in a new room, filled with new people (not all of the ladies were from the signing group - some were from a mom's group) and I watched to see what she would do. And my girl walked away, towards the toys, and didn't look back. Other kids were hovering by their moms or crying when their moms were too far away. But not my girl. She didn't run to the new people, but she never shied away from them. She shows us everyday how strong and independent she is.

I read other mommy blogs, and there is one I read where sometimes it sounds like the mother (while she loves her child) she doesn't necessarily like her child's personality. That is definitely not true for me, about Maddy. I love her independent nature, I love how she knows what she wants, I love her desire to explore, I love her fascination with books and music, I love her quick smile and infectious laugh. These traits can sometimes lead to tantrums and an already thick stubborn streak. But I am thankful I not only love but like my child too.

Today we had a wonderful day with other moms and dads and kids. We got another chance to see our girl interact with the world. And tomorrow? Tomorrow baba and dido are coming over to help us go through all of Maddy's stuff. There will be boxes for a friend, who just had female twins, and boxes to give away to Goodwill, boxes to keep IF we have a second and boxes to keep, no matter what, for Maddy one day. There is a room FULL of stuff for us to go through. And baba and I have every intention to do it all in a few hours. Wish us luck!

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