Thursday, March 17, 2011

Smarter than?

Tonight Maddy was tired and fragile. More teething (I can't see how her molar can stretch her gum ANY more before it breaks). More tiredness (she was up at 615am, and was already having her first nap at 830am). More mood (no clue about why).

By 6pm she crawled under the table and laid on her side, head on her arm and looked exhausted. By 620pm she'd grabbed Roger, went into her room, shut the door and laid on the big pink teddy from my goddaughter at the foot of her crib and waited for bedtime. She put herself to sleep. Or as close as she could. Our dogs still whine at our feet to be escorted to their (always open) kennels to be put to sleep. Our daughter is now smarter than the dogs.

That didn't take long.