Tuesday, March 22, 2011

There are days that are...

... harder.

Today was one of those days. Mom was sick, so I was home with Maddy today. And the morning was ok. We went for lunch with dada. And then Maddy had a dirty diaper, and I forgot to pack diapers in the diaper bag and then had to run to the store and get more and the food took a long time and then Maddy wanted to walk around and had a fit when we couldn't let her. Ok. Then we came home. Maddy was grumpy and whiny and was rarely happy. She would whine to be picked up, then whine to be put down, then whine to touch something, then whine when she got it... The theme of the afternoon was whine. I tried to put her down for a nap and all I heard (for 45 minutes) was babble, babble, babble, UP (emphasis on the P), UP! UP! babble, babble, babble. Then when she came out? Back to the whine. I am hormonally fragile and was starting to get a headache. And the whining... Neil came home after a really tough day with a headache. It was a rough evening. We gave Maddy advil, then dinner and she was better. Not normal, but better. Her bath went well and she was down immediately.

I am thankful Maddy isn't always this grumpy, it makes me appreciate how awesome our girl normally is. But if this molar doesn't soon break skin? I am gonna... well... keep getting headaches from the whining, I guess.

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