Monday, March 7, 2011

VIDEO TIME! (insert MC Hammer melody here)

Well, it's a challenge to get a decent pic of Maddy. She's always mooooving. And there is minimal natural light now (so there is maximum flash lighting). And there is a decided lack of photoshop on my computer, to make the flash stop making Maddy look... odd. So? VIDEO TIME!

Well, watching that video it looks like it's time to retire that tight little shirt. You're growing so fast Maddy!

OK, OK imaginary voice in my head. I'll throw in a few (maybe not the cutest) pics too! Maddy loves crawling through the coffee table. She'll lay in there and play, she'll try to sit up and hit her head, she'll move forward and back.

Thank goodness she's so bendy!

I love you so much, my Nunu

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