Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A new look!

A new look for the ole blog. Maybe the weather (omg the weather... the never ending cold weather...) has inspired change and voila! Likee?

Life otherwise is much the same. And Maddy continues to be awesome. But RUNNING awesome. Seriously, it's frightening to watch her run at (her) top speeds and ALWAYS something in her hands. I thought the thing that would inspire her to walk was going to be the chance to be mobile and carry something in her hands. Tonight we did a Costco run, there was no meat to be had, and I let Maddy down to walk. She thought it was so much FUN and proceeded to toddle away across the cement. The store was pretty empty (smart people stayed out of the cold) and Maddy had the room to go at top speeds. About 5 feet later, Maddy lost her balance and went down. Then started crawling towards a puddle of muddy slush... but she walked in a store!

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