Sunday, March 20, 2011

My most amazing husband and my most amazing morning

On the weekends Neil and I are supposed to alternate sleep-ins. But for a long time I was completely incapable of sleeping in. Even on our vacation in Kelowna, I would be up at 8am. Many weekends I would be awake before Maddy and when she woke, I'd roll over and get up. Even on the mornings where I was supposed to sleep in.

This morning, this glorious, glorious morning, I heard Maddy on the monitor at about 730am. I heard Neil roll over and get up. I turned off the monitor and snuggled back in, thinking I'd get another 10 minutes sleep. I opened my eyes again and it was 855am. I SLEPT IN UNTIL 9am!!!! Asking Neil, we figure it's been a loooong time since I was able to sleep in this late. Since about mid-pregnancy with Maddy. So... a year and a half? Two years? I have to say, it was refreshing! I feel RESTED. Although I had only about 30 minutes with Maddy in the morning before her nap time and I feel a little robbed of Maddy time. But? I SLEPT IN! I SLEPT IN!

Thank you, Neil, for taking her, amusing her and most importantly - turning off all the obnoxiously loud toys in the house so I could sleep in.

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  1. Al and I have that arrangement too! Sometimes when I can't sleep in I just relish in quiet alone time and read, play scrabble or surf on my iPad alone in my room :D